Case - IBOPE Brazil

The Brazilian Institute of Public Opinion and Statistics - IBOPE - supplies the largest collection of information about the Brazilian and Latin American markets. The IBOPE Group is a Brazilian multinational composed of 52 companies, employing over 2.800 professionals and acting in 16 countries.

Company has a service to verify if a particular ad was viewed on tv at the correct time and date. At first, this check was a manual process made by contractors, using images pre-recorded in VCR’s. Cost problems, as well as demanding time, defines electronic checking mandatory.

The solution: Video recognition by comparison through a database of 20,000 ads. A machine running VFP, takes 4 minutes to compare pre-recorded video blocks (30’ blocks) with the full database of ads. The engine was integrated to another proprietary tool that creates reports and alerts.

Ibope uses the engine since 2005 with full success.



The Video Fingerprint software based on content management.

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